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  • Bootcamp & Circuit Training

    Looking for a workout that will work your entire body? Then bootcamp is for you! Bootcamp class will give you a full body workout using a variety of different moves. Each class is different - hitting every major muscle group with each workout. We will use a mix of cardio, high intensity interval training and core work. We use our own body weight with some exercises (i.e. push-ups) and use weights for others. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome. Each move will have modifications for wherever you are at in your fitness journey. Examples of classes are Cardio Blast, Legs and Glutes, Arms and Abs, Mixed Strength, Tabata, etc. Fee is $60 per full session or $36 per half session (half session is up to 4 classes/month). Bring an exercise mat, water bottle and 3-5 lb. hand weights.